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Countrywide Protection Lifetime Mortgages

Have you considered being one of the tens of thousands of people enjoying the benefits of a lifetime mortgage?

For homeowners aged 55 and over you could qualify for an equity release plan and free up a tax free cash lump sum from your property and enjoy the retirement you deserve.

A lifetime mortgage involves paying off any outstanding mortgage balance and any equity released from your home would then be repaid plus any accrued interest on death or on moving into long term care.

We know that this can be a big decision to make that’s why we offer clients FREE personalised equity release quotations, working with well known lenders across the whole of market with no obligation to proceed with the advice.

As well as giving you peace of mind that you have secured the most suitable plan for your circumstances we can answer any questions you may have including whether it’s the right option for you, the effect on any inheritance you can leave and if your entitlement to means tested benefits could be affected now or in the future.

How much equity could you release? Try our FREE online calculator below and find out.

As a little bonus all clients who obtain a quote via CP Lifetime Mortgages will receive up to *£250 cash back on completion to spend on the things that matter.

*Cash back amount dependent on the level of equity released and will be paid by bank transfer

Simpler Law

Simpler Law, based in Lincoln specialise in Estate Planning and their team of Paralegals are led by Helen Claydon, an award-winning Legal Services Director.



The company offer telephone consultations, home visits can be arranged subject to availability.

Simpler Law are members of the Institute of Paralegals and with over a thousand positive reviews have earned a 5* rating with Trust Pilot.


Clients of Countrywide Protection can now receive exclusive discounts on the writing of Bespoke Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney.

40% discount offer valid from midnight 31st August 2020 to Friday 18th December 2020 inclusive, please quote “CWP124” when calling to obtain the discounted price. Call us today on 0333 700 0565 or text the word WILL to 66777 and we’ll call you back.

The Simpler Law Retail Price Countrywide Offer 40% off Wills and LPA Saving
Will £130 £78 £52
Mirror Will £195 £117 £78
Power of Attorney £325 £195 £130
Will & Power of Attorney £455 £273 £182

£195 Will Voucher

To celebrate bringing our  partner  Simpler Law onboard, giving Countrywide Protection clients access to massive 40% discounts on Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney, If you take a policy with us between Monday 31st August 2020 – Friday 18th December 2020 you’ll receive a voucher worth up to £195 to cover the cost of a single or “mirror” Will for couples.

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  • The implications of not having a Will or not having updated your Will when circumstances change, can be costly and cause distress to your loved ones.
  • Today’s relationships can be quite complicated; however our Client Care Team in Lincoln are experienced in all aspects of Legal Services for the family.
  • Our team have written over 130,000 Wills and there really isn’t anything we can’t help you with.

Making Your Own Will – what you control

  • You choose your own Executors and Trustees.
  • You choose what are your children or Grandchildren will inherit.
  • You document who you want to be guardians of your children.
  • You decide who inherits from your estate, and not the Rules of Intestacy.
  • You determine who does not inherit from your estate.
  • You can leave specific gifts, legacies, and charitable donations.
  • You specify your funeral wishes.
  • You can document your Organ Donation preferences.

Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Dementia is a growing challenge, it is a tragedy should we, through illness or accident, lose the ability to make decisions for ourselves.
  • A Lasting Power of Attorney is a vital document which gives family members, or trusted
    advisors, authority to handle the financial affairs of a loved one in need or make decisions on their health and well being.

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Your bespoke documents from Simpler Law

The Simpler Law will:
  • Agree a time for your Telephone Consultation or your Home Visit.
  • Provide guidance to help you prepare for your Consultation.
  • Help you navigate through the Will and Lasting Power of Attorney Instruction.
  • Only draft your documents when you are happy with your
  • Pass all documentation through to our Compliance Team for
  • Post your documents to you with clear signing guides.
  • Call you to ensure safe receipts and answer any questions you may

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum monthly premium spend £25 qualifies for both single or mirror Will.
  • 40% discount offer valid from midnight 31st August 2020 to 18th December 2020 inclusive, please quote “CWP124” when calling to obtain the discounted price. Call us today on 0333 700 0565 or text the word WILL to 66777 and we’ll call you back.

Will voucher issued once 3 premiums have been paid from your policy. As we aim to build long lasting relationships with our clients all we ask is that if we cover the cost of your Will, if any major changes happen (such as marriage, divorce, birth of child, new mortgage etc) that require you to change or amend your policy in the first 4 years, that you give us first refusal.

Should we not hear back from you, after 2 years we will automatically get in touch to offer a free no obligation review to ensure you have peace of mind that you’re still on the correct plan for your circumstances. If you cancel your plans and go eleswhere for cover in the first 4 years all we ask is that you reimburse the cost of your Will up to the value of *£195. *Single Will £130, Mirror Will £195.

If you haven't already made a Will then you should read this. Because without a Will you will die intestate, which means...

  • THE GOVERNMENT – decides who gets your money and your property.
  • MARRIED COUPLES AND CIVIL PARTNERS – the law sets financial limits as to how much your spouse or civil partner can receive. As such, even though you may want ‘everything’ to pass to your spouse/civil partner, there is no provision to guarantee this will happen.
  • COUPLES LIVING TOGETHER – the law currently makes no provision for unmarried partners to inherit anything from each other and so the surviving partner could receive nothing at all. This is regardless of whether or not you have children together.
  • PARENTS – without a Will the authorities could be involved in deciding who will care for and raise your children.
  • SEPARATED COUPLES – your spouse may inherit all, or a significant share, of your estate, even if you have been separated for many years.
  • INHERITANCE TAX – the rules of intestacy make no provision for mitigating Inheritance tax.
  • TIME & COMPLICATIONS – an estate can take longer to administer when a valid Will isn’t in place and without your guidance and planning, complications can occur. This can also create tensions within your family as known wishes may not be carried out.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS – without a Will there is no guarantee who will receive those important family items.

1st Class Accounts

At 1st Class Accounts, we are a fully experienced team of accountants providing a full range of services for businesses of all sizes. We serve contractors, sole traders and limited companies nationwide. No matter what your accounting needs may be, we are ready to help.

We strongly believe that our success is based on your success and we can genuinely say that we are committed to your financial well-being.

Also after 3 months of signing up with 1st Class Accounts we are offering clients £50 cashback as a thank you.

Funeral plan can help to provide peace of mind for you and your family and could save you money. You choose the funeral you want and pay for the funeral director’s services included in your plan at today’s prices. It’s a thoughtful way to plan ahead and help relieve your family of worries and uncertainty at what is likely to be a distressing time.


Why planning ahead make financial sense 

Funeral prices have gone up by 55% in less than ten years1.

With a plan in place, you fix the cost of the funeral director’s services included in your plan at today’s prices.

It’s a sensible way to help protect against future increases and could be why more 1.5 million people in the UK have already taken out a funeral plan2.

You’re in the best of hands
We recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter. They’re one of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers3 and have already helped over 700,000 people with their funeral arrangements. They work with almost 3,000 independent funeral directors across the UK.  
With a range of plans and flexible ways to pay, a Golden Charter funeral plan offers you exceptional value and choice. You can tailor your plan to meet your personal wishes. This way, your family will find great comfort knowing that your funeral will be carried out according to your wishes. 
With a Golden Charter funeral plan you can:
  • Protect against rising funeral costs1
  • Arrange the send off you want with a trusted local funeral director
  • Get reassurance and peace of mind for your family with less uncertainty and fewer difficult decisions in the future
  • Choose a flexible payment option – spread the cost or make a one-off payment
Ask for more information by completing our online form [link to online form]
  1. SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2020
  2. Funeral Planning Authority Statistics 2019
  3. Based on recent market share of funeral plans sold. For details please see Funeral Planning Authority statistics 2018 at and Golden Charter Annual Review 2018/2019.

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